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Line 6 amplifier Flextone II Plus

 Line 6
Flextone II Plus

This is a Line 6 Flextone 2 amplifier which models all the great amplifier sounds. From the Fender tweed amps to the Marshall bluesbreaker sounds this amp recreates the tone through a sophisiticated modeling technique which has made the Line 6 Pods so poplular. The amp looks great, works great and sounds great.

What's so 'Plus' about the Flextone II Plus? Just exactly what is it that makes the Flextone II Plus the logical choice for some players?

Flexibility in setup: With a "dual mode" power amp section that delivers 60 watt mono through a 1x12" custom designed speaker and kicks out 100 watts stereo when the extension cab is plugged in, the Plus, allows the capability to bring only the amp itself to smaller gigs, jams, and recording sessions, while being able to take along that Flextone Cab to larger venues.

Flexibility in tone: Stack the Plus and Cab for extra low end response or separate the two for a wide stereo image

Flexibility in volume: Flextone II Plus with Cab is about 6db louder (or more than twice as loud) than the Flextone II by itself.


    * 32 Amp Models
    * 16 Digital Effects
    * 4 User Programmable Channels
    * 23.5in W x 18in H x 10.5in D
    * 48 lbs

Include a FB4 footswitch and a leather cover


PRICE £300

last update: 25/09/2007
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